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Inventory Transactions Details : MCP1316-46FE/OTV13, MT48LC16M16A2P-6A-AAT:G, S25FL064P0XMFB003




Model Manufacturer Quantity DateCode Quote
MCP1316-46FE/OTV13 MICROCHIP 16495 Quote
MT48LC16M16A2P-6A-AAT:G MICRON 3727 Quote
S25FL064P0XMFB003 NICHICON 4350 Quote
S9S08AW32E5VPUE NXP 20800 Quote
S9S12HZ256J36AL NXP 2700 Quote
STA2058EXTR STM 3572 Quote
TJA1055T/1 NXP 2500 Quote
S912XHZ384F1CAG FREESCALE 2650 Quote
PCA82C250T/YM 1238 1238 Quote
SPC564A70L7COB 2395 2395 Quote

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