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Inventory Transactions Details : MSP430G2553IRHB32R, CSD17483F4T, TPS61098DSET




Model Manufacturer Quantity DateCode Quote
MSP430G2553IRHB32R TI 51807 Quote
CSD17483F4T TI 6000 Quote
TPS61098DSET TI 6000 Quote
LMV7271MFX TI 6000 Quote
CC2541F256RHAR TI 2985 21+ Quote
BQ24080DRCR TI 4918 Quote
TLV70028DCKR TI 13991 Quote
TLV70033DCKR TI 4988 Quote
TPS62730DRYR TI 2968 Quote
TS5A1066DBVR TI 11174 Quote
TPS54231DR TI 9327 Quote
INA199A1DCKR TI 12453 Quote
TPS28225DR TI 13339 Quote
BQ500211ARGZ TI 2811 Quote
CSD17308Q3 TI 22331 Quote
TPS62237DRY TI 7674 Quote

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